My Letter to Love. ✉

Dear Love,

You are Just Four letters

Yet so Powerful.

They Say You are Just a feeling.

You are much more than a feeling.

You bring Kindness.

You bring Trust.

You bring Respect.

You bring People together.

You help make families.

You help make friends.

A word with four letters.

Yet so Deep.

So Simple,

Yet Complicated.

What are you Exactly?

Do I ask you a question that has no Answer?

You start Small,

Then you begin to Grow bit by bit.

How and when you happen,

No one knows.

So Timeless,

So Tough,

Yet delicate.

But I know this,

You don’t Confuse.

You don’t Hate.

You are not Impatient.

You give Courage.

And all the Good Vibes and Attributes,

Without a Speck of Doubt.

You are Happiness.

You Matter in all Aspects of Life.

Until next time, Stay Calm.

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” — Helen Keller

My Letter to Sons. ✉️

Dear Son,

I held you in my arms when you came into the world.

The first words I said to you were ” My Baby”.

I watched you, held your tiny arms and I wondered about the expectation on how you will be the SON and the weight you will carry on your shoulder as the protector and the defender of your own family someday.

As though I could see the future, what the future holds in for you.

I could only imagine how you would grow and become what you want to be or what society wants you to be.

I was excited but worried.

Then I said to myself,

I bless the day you were born.

I bless the name given to you.

As you grow in strength and wisdom

You will overcome the struggles of Mankind.

Be Optimistic.

Be Gentle Like a duck who is Calm on the surface of the water but paddles through obstacles under the water.

Be the Rock in the River that is always Sturdy despite how rough it can be.

Be Responsible to yourself.

There will be mistakes made but please learn not to repeat.

Learn to Love and be Kind.

Violence is not the answer to everything.


Shape your mind so it will work for your own good and don’t be surprised for the good of the society because someday, you will be shaping others even if they are not your family.

At Home

At School

At Work.

The Society.

Someday, Someday.

Never forget that I love you.

 Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn about everything you can. Be the man I know you can be.

Until next time, Stay Calm.

You do not raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they will turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.


My Letter to Daughters. ✉️

Dear Daughters,

The very moment you came into this world and I held you in my arms.

It was like I won the lottery.

You came out safe and healthy. It is all a mother’s wish had to be.

Then, came feeding you.

I watched with all happiness and eagerness, your tiny little fingers, and feet.

Your soft Curly hair, your tiny voice when you cried, and I said to myself as I watched.

” What next?”😳😳.

Then, came reality. The after pains of childbirth, the fatigue, the sleepless nights.

OMGee. 🥱

But I saw your cute face and little arms and little feet. 🥰

Who could get tired of such cuteness while you sleep?

You began to grow.

In strength and in curiosity of what the world had in store for you.

When you got Sick,

It was like the world had fallen in my mind. Trust me Child, I was worried.

Remember, I would smile while I held you in my arms and tell you.

“Sweetheart, you are going to be Okay”.

You began to walk.

And the Creator knew I was holding my heart in my hand while I watched you like a Tigress

watching her Cub because

Once you have started anything as a baby,

The rest was history.

You always loved to follow and find the light while you started to walk when there was darkness.

Then I said to you

“Always follow the light my Dear Child”.

Then came going to school. 😬

The first day of school I cried, and I remembered saying to you

“Please Sweetheart, listen to your Teacher”.

I got mixed feelings. My Emotions were all over the place. I was Nervous and Excited for you.

And you did well.

I can still remember the little head strong arguments we had while you were a teenager.

I know you were trying to find your path into the world.

I am sorry I could not remove my Mom Google’s because you were still my Little one.

“OMGee”.  I thought to myself. I got a lot more scared but concerned and cared.

Whenever you were down, I encouraged you and I said,

“I will not always be there with you.

Situations will not always be rosy for you.

There will be hardship,

There will come a time when you would say I cannot go on,

There will be heartbreaks.

 But you:

“Keep Fighting. Do not Quit.

Be Strong, Be a Leader.

Be like the River that flows and cut through Rocks.

Never be Muscled. Be the Muscle that supports others.

Be Confident, be Calm and always be a Lady. 

Stand firm.

Use your words as your weapon.

Look ahead for tomorrow. Forward Ever.”

I saw you grow to become an Intelligent and Independent Woman.

I had to let go.😭.

Though, it would not be the same.

Your memories of your growth and development in so many areas of your life and many ways will always remain with me.

I know I was your guide in this somewhat chaotic world.

But I have lived my life. Now it is your turn to live yours Sweetheart.

Until next time, Stay Calm.

“A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.”


My Letter to Teachers. ✉

Dear Teachers,

So, my husband and I called the school management and then called Mr. Greenville’s family the next day to give our condolences.

His wake was scheduled.

My family went to his wake to pay our last respect.

I was there and I noticed a lot of people came to pay their last respect.

Some of them were students he taught a long time ago.

Some neighbors, Some friends, Some Colleagues.

Their speeches and tributes were so moving. Everyone was emotional.

Mr. Greenville really made a positive impact on this LITTLE BUT LARGE community.

May his Soul Rest in Peace.

Hello Teachers,

How are you doing?

Teachers mean a lot to everyone.

You impact knowledge into those that do not know.

You are a bridge between those that know and those that do not know.

Your presence in a classroom or anywhere you are, show that you need to be on a pedestal because YOU ARE THE UNSUNG HEROES IN A SOCIETY.

You stay with the students you teach at least 1,800 minutes a week. If not more than that. (GOSH, MY HEAD JUST SPUN).

You assist the students that need help in places they are lacking in some aspects of their lives.

You are a Paragon of the society and a brainwave for the students to go further and to dream bigger.

You help gifted students to achieve the standard they are capable of.

You make students responsible for their accomplishments and missteps.

No matter your status,

You help mold the students into responsible people of the society based on their designs, intentions, creativity, and path they would like to go.

You are resilient and I KNOW that being a teacher can be difficult. Let us look at the bright side on how you positively impact and instill knowledge into the leaders of tomorrow.

Please, keep on teaching.

Until next time. Stay Calm.

“Your job titles may be TEACHER but in reality you all are the ARCHITECT who is shaping humanity’s future.”

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My Letter to those who have lost loved ones. ✉

Dear Everyone,

My husband and I looked at each other in AWE.

‘ Another teacher taught us today’ said my older child. With tears now in his eyes, my Older

child said, ‘Mr. Greenville passed away and the topic of INSPIRATION was what he had told us

to find and read about before the next class’.

We looked at him, shocked. Then, we said at the same time.

‘We are so sorry to hear that Honey.’

I pushed my chair backwards and I went toward my child and I hugged him. To give him that comfort that everything Is going to be alright.

I have noticed that Mr. Greenville always had one or two moral teachings for his students. My

child comes home some days and we discuss some of them.

I know Mr. Greenville had made a very good impact on my child. Not only my child but other children too.

He will be missed because he was a Good Teacher.

So, my husband and I called the school management and then called Mr. Greenville’s family the next day to give our condolences.

to be continued.

Story by Anonymous.

Hello Everyone,

How are you today?

To those who are reading this and have lost a loved one. Let me use this opportunity to say,


No matter the way you have lost someone dear to you, Be it,

  • By Accident
  • By Violence
  • By Sickness
  • Natural Causes

It hurts so bad. I know. You would feel depressed and feel that your world is over.

You will feel you would never,

  • See this person again.
  • Hear their voices.
  • Feel their hugs.
  • See them smile.

We all grieve in different ways.

It depends on how you grief.

Some, for a short while. Some, for a long time.

No one can really outrun grief.

But you know what? If only you have the courage, LIFE GOES ON.

All you have are their memories implanted in your hearts and your minds.

What you need is a time to heal and in a positive manner.

‘I KNOW’. Some of us will say that it is a fact that all of us will die someday.

But, before our time comes.

Why don’t you make memories with our loved ones while we have life.

Share good memories of lost loved ones with the living loved ones and see that you will feel better day by day.

“We never truly get over a loss, but we can move forward and evolve from it.”—Elizabeth Berrien

Until next time. Stay Calm.

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My Letter to Fathers. ✉

Dear Fathers,

“WHAT!!!’  ‘REALLY!!!’

I was so furious to see where the sound was coming from.

It was from my child’s father (my husband), who was snoring away on the child’s bed while the house was in disarray.

I woke him up.

He jumped up. His eyes were swollen and red. He was surprised at himself for sleeping that way.

I saw the look in his eyes, he was disappointed at himself for such a behavior.

I said nothing. So, I gently laid my child on her bed and went out of the room.

He followed me and he said ‘ I am so sorry. I did not know when I dozed off like that.’

Deep down in me, I was angry at him but at the same time I was also sorry for him.

He also had a long day at work.

The whole stress of the outside world.

Who could blame him?

I went downstairs to the kitchen and made dinner.

Cleared and Cleaned the MESS. (SO TIRED).

As we ate quietly at the dinner table, My Older Child asked me,

‘ Mom, what does inspire mean?’

Then I answered,

‘A feeling that moves someone to act’.

I asked why he had asked the question.

What my Older child said made me feel Dizzy as my husband and I looked at each other in total AWE.

To be continued

Story by Anonymous

Hello Fathers,

How are you doing?

Where do I start from?

You are the little heroes in the smallest unit of the society (Family).

In the short story above, you will see how the Father tried to keep up in taking care of the home after a long day from work.

Tired, but he had to see that things were done 😂 but in a different way.

You will feel tired at times during the hard times,

defeated that your plans are not going as you had expected.

Thinking of ways, you can care for your main priority which is your family.

Some of you Fathers can commute from one state to another for work just to make ends meet.

Some are in the Army. Thank you for your service.

Some under the terrible weather (Hot, Cold, Rainy).

Some that have small businesses.

Maybe you have started a new business and it is not going the way you had anticipated.

The list goes on.

You have started a journey with a step.

So, keep climbing higher and higher.

Yes, I know.

The journey is hard, but you will get to where you want to go.

Even those that work too. Keep going. Do not relent.

During all this craziness, remember:

  • Go for your routine check-up at the clinic. Especially, those who fear needles. 🤣
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Talk to someone. This is the best time to talk with your Partner or Spouse and make time to spend time with your significant other. Even if the need be, talk to a therapist.
  • Have time for yourself.


With these, you can

  • Spend time with your children because,

You play an important function in the lives of your children,

  • Communally
  • Cognitively

You also play a very big role in the aspect of your child’s or children’s skill and in your child’s or children’s mental growth.

You provide for the necessities of life in your home.

You tend to encourage your children and lift their integrity of character.

You adore, understand and

reassure your Children.

You give to your families a sense of security and inculcates morale in the children which helps the society at large.

I hope this helps.

This is my Perspective. What is yours?

Until next time. Stay Calm.

“The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family”.

— Reed Markham

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My Letter to Mothers. ✉

Dear Mothers,

‘Oh My Gosh’, I screamed,

The house was A MESS. From the door, leading to the Kitchen,

Where plates and pots were piled, due to one Home Economics Project. And then, the Living Room (nothing to write home about)

Where there was a trail of toys, spoons, pots used as drums, LOL

The list goes on.

Then, the stairs leading to the bedroom where someone (my child)

That I have been begging to take a nap, is napping. ON THE STAIRS!!!

‘Uggh! Where do I start from cleaning this mess?’, I asked myself.

I carried the sleeping child, her head resting on my shoulder.

Going up the stairs, I stepped on a Lego block which was painful as H…

I stopped, no one my pain. So, I laughed at myself and gave a very big sigh.

I kept going up the stairs with my child. Suddenly, I had a growling noise coming from my child’s bedroom.

As I approached the door slowly, I turned the knob.

‘WHAT!!! REALLY!!!’…

 To be continued

Story by Anonymous

Hello Mothers,

How are you?

I am a Mother. That is why I asked first how you are doing?

I know the Challenges you go through every day.

  • Working Moms
  • Pregnant Moms
  • Single Moms
  • Married Moms
  • Sick Moms.
  • the list goes on

And you keep thinking,

  • ‘How am I going to have time for my children?’
  • ‘How are my going to take care of my family?’
  • ‘How am I going to take care of my relationship with my partner to spice thing up?’
  • ‘How am I going to get the house cleaned?’
  • ‘How are my going to work on my depression?’
  • ‘How am I going to take care of my myself Mentally, Physically, Spiritually?’
  • How am I going to make it in the store with the kids? (this one makes me laugh hard)
  • How am I going to survive these hard times?
  • What is my family going to have for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner?

The list goes on.


As days go by, you realize that you have survived each day and you are still going strong.

Always stay focused.

Have a Plan every day:

On the way to be with your Children and their Education and their what they go through Personally and Socially. During Dinner or time for bed.

Have time with your partner or Spouse:

Sometimes, it releases the stress of your Everyday routine.

Lastly, have time for yourself:

This is the Most important routine that should be done. Having time before going to bed (at least One hour).

Going to the Salon alone.

Taking a walk alone.

All these help with your Mental wellbeing.


It is difficult to have the Patience and the Strength to go on.

But your inner strength is bigger than you think.

Find it and discover that you are more than you think.

Let me share this article with you.

I found it and I said it will be helpful to you.

1. You Cannot Finish All the House Chores in One Day. Those Who Did Are Stress Sick, and Some Are Buried Already.

2. Please Create Time to Rest, It Is Not A Sin to Sit Down, Put Up Your Legs on The Table and Pick Popcorn While Watching TV.

3. Please Sleep If Need Be. That Headache Will Go. Those Who Refuse to Take Vacation, Or Leave, Or Time Out or Rest Time, Their Families Are Missing Them Because They Have Gone Untimely to Their Maker.

4. Stop Taking Sedatives to Sleep, You Are Destroying Your Brain and Organs. At A Point You Will Begin to Forget Things. Relax the Brain, Worry Less, Think Less, Laugh More, And Smile More. Everything Will Pass with Time.

5. Sometimes Go and Sit Outside Quietly on Your Own, Do Nothing Say Nothing, Just Admire Gods Handiwork, Breath in Fresh Air Calmly. Hurry Not.

6. Stand by Your Mirror Smile to Yourself, Laugh, Dance, Sing That Turns on Positive Aura Around You So You Can Glow.

7. Go Buy Yourself A Snack or Two or Drink Non-Alcoholic Wine If You Choose to Do So. Just Do Something for Yourself Even If Hubby Does That for You So You Off Load The Things in Your Head.

8. Get Necessary Home Gadgets to Ease Your Work in Order to Avoid Stress. Stress Is the Highest Silent Killer of Women.

9. If You Are Not Feeling Well Say It, Do Something About It, Go to Health Center, Hospital or Call A Nearby Nurse, Do Not Sit Around Waiting for Hubby to Buy Drugs. He May Come Back Late, Your Life Matters.

10. Check Your Blood Pressure and Sugar Level Occasionally.

 I hope this helps.

Write a comment below on how you manage your stress.

Until next time, Stay Calm.

“Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled, they are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.”

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My Letter to Everyone. ✉

Dear Everyone,

I was scared when I started this Journey.

I starred at the steering wheel, then the road and the cars that passed by. I FROZE.

‘What was I thinking?’ I thought to myself.

‘Driving’? I shouted.

I closed my eyes, opened them and looked up at the sky, starring at nothing in particular.

‘Oh Em Gee’! Holding my chest as I exclaimed.

‘This is going to be to much for me’. I got down from the car.

I got to my sidewalk, entered the Garage,

The garage leads to the kitchen.

I turned the knob,

As I turned the knob, I took some deep breaths (4 times),

I entered the Kitchen’

What I saw made me gasp, ‘Oh My Gosh’…

(to be continued).

Story by Anonymous

First, I would like to ask ‘How you are doing?’ Weird! Am I right? Lol. It is not really a bad question. (Per Say).

Let us talk about the word STRUGGLE. “Everyone has a story behind each struggle in life.

This is for those who are struggling.


It could be anything you are struggling with.

May I say to say this to you, ‘YES! YOU!

The struggle has been and the struggle will always continue.

YES, I know. It is not easy.

Come to think of it. What is?

  • The struggles of being RICH
  • Being POOR
  • Struggles of the NERDS
  • Of Weight Loss
  • Financial Struggles
  • Parental Struggles
  • Mental Struggles
  • Family Struggles
  • Health Struggles
  • Addiction Struggles
  • Marital Struggles and the list goes on.

But, (there is a BIG ‘BUT’)

It depends on how well you face your struggles. PERIOD.

It is either you take control of the situation by looking for solutions OR

you acknowledge that you are a BIG LOSER and you can’t face your struggles.

WHY? Why would you say to yourself?‘ I am tired. I can’t go on.’

WHY? Why would you want to give up?

What about your loved ones (whoever they are)?

Those that have been by your side through thick and thin.

Do you think of them? OR you just think of yourself all the time and say,

How can I go on? It is easier if I give up.’

WHOA!!! WHAT?!!!

OKAY. Let us take a step back.

And take a very deep breathe in (AUMMMMMMM) and then out.

Let us think this through. If you give up. Then what?

Is the struggle over?

I ask you. YES! YOU!

Will the problem be over?

When you close your eyes, Will it be gone?

When you are in a state of stupor, Will it be gone?

I know the struggles are real and sometimes devastating.










It is all in the MIND.

Your mind is your power.

Your mind is your stronghold. Speak to yourself.

“Accept What is, Let Go of What Was, Have Faith in What will Be”.

It means you should try and drop off all that was.

Stop thinking of yourself as a loser and

Look forward to the future.

Where you start is definitely not where you will end.

You are You.

You think it through, You face it, You solve it.

It all depends on how well you face your challenges.

Your Choice.

So, you decide what you will do with it.

Step by step,

when you make up your Mind,

you will realize that,

it takes just one step to turn your life around

and confront your struggles and challenges.

And remember, the struggle will always be there.

Take charge.

Confront it.

Leave a comment on how you can solve any type of struggle you are facing, or you have faced.

“Don’t fill life with struggles—fill life with joy. A flower always struggles to survive, but it never forgets to bloom with joy.” — Debasish Mridha

Until next time. Remain Calm. Enjoy this music.👇
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