My Letter to You on Reconciliation. ✉

Reconciliation and Healing. How is it possible that anyone would truly imagine that genuine reconciliation could stay away from an appropriate encounter? Stepping up to the plate is basic in reconciliation. Re-establishing a broken relationship resembles healing a broken leg. Let us say your leg is broken you step up to the plate and getContinue reading “My Letter to You on Reconciliation. ✉”

My Letter to you on Radiating Positive Energy.✉

Having positive energy in all that you do is something you ought to make progress toward because it causes everybody you meet to rest easy thinking about themselves and you. Furthermore, while others can be inspired and feel stunning after you add to their lives emphatically. Dear Everyone, Emitting positive energy, you will be invigoratingContinue reading “My Letter to you on Radiating Positive Energy.✉”

Letter to you On Resilience. ✉

Dear Everyone, We as Humans face certain degrees of stress, misfortune, and different anxieties. Life may not accompany a guide. You will encounter exciting bends on the road. From ordinary difficulties to horrible mishaps with enduring effects. Like the demise of a friend or family member, a life-changing mishap, or a genuine ailment. But knowContinue reading “Letter to you On Resilience. ✉”

My Letter to you on Postpartum Depression. ✉

Dear Postpartum Depression, You are the monster that slips in bit by bit into the mind. Crushing the mind. Crushing the way one thinks. Crushing the way one sees others and life altogether. You make your victim not perceive the Joy right in front of her. You make one not enjoy the little things inContinue reading “My Letter to you on Postpartum Depression. ✉”

My Letter to You On Comparing Yourself with Others. ✉

The Comparison of life comes from a gathering of Do not have. An absence of certainty, An absence of adoration, An absence of confidence. We center around things that we do not have. It is truly typical to think about yourself. Indeed, it is human instinct. Do not accept that others’ lives are superior toContinue reading “My Letter to You On Comparing Yourself with Others. ✉”

My Letter to You On First Impressions. ✉

Did you realize that first impressions are shaped in SEVEN SECONDS? In seven seconds, you impart a lot of messages about your Character, Affability, Authority, Friendliness, Monetary Achievements. The First Impression portrays an outward projection of your character, your mentalities, your qualities, and your uniqueness. So, the initial feeling really mirrors the genuine you. AskContinue reading “My Letter to You On First Impressions. ✉”

My Letter to You On Self-Discipline. ✉

Dear Everyone, Self-discipline is the capability to control one’s emotions and conquer one’s shortcomings; the capacity to seek after what one believes is direct, despite impulses to surrender it. The most significant advance toward getting Self-Discipline is distinguishing and tolerating your shortcomings. You must Dispose of those shortcomings and figure out how to control them.Continue reading “My Letter to You On Self-Discipline. ✉”

My Letter to You On Overcoming Obstacles. ✉

Dear Everyone, Obstacles are like Hurdles in Life that must Occur. It depends on how you go about it. How you can Overcome it. Having Obstacles and facing these difficulties does not mean you are not tempted to quit sometimes but it does mean you never actually do and in the final yards of aContinue reading “My Letter to You On Overcoming Obstacles. ✉”

My Letter to those with Inner Conflicts. ✉

Dear Everyone, Confusion is not of the Mind. Confusion is the very existence in which you are. When you are confused, the whole system is running in a stressful way. This brings about INNER CONFLICT. On one level you want to live, you want to be healthy, you want to be well, another level youContinue reading “My Letter to those with Inner Conflicts. ✉”