My Letter to You On First Impressions. ✉

Did you realize that first impressions are shaped in SEVEN SECONDS? In seven seconds, you impart a lot of messages about your Character, Affability, Authority, Friendliness, Monetary Achievements. The First Impression portrays an outward projection of your character, your mentalities, your qualities, and your uniqueness. So, the initial feeling really mirrors the genuine you. AskContinue reading “My Letter to You On First Impressions. ✉”

My Letter to You On Self-Discipline. ✉

Dear Everyone, Self-discipline is the capability to control one’s emotions and conquer one’s shortcomings; the capacity to seek after what one believes is direct, despite impulses to surrender it. The most significant advance toward getting Self-Discipline is distinguishing and tolerating your shortcomings. You must Dispose of those shortcomings and figure out how to control them.Continue reading “My Letter to You On Self-Discipline. ✉”

My Letter to Time. ✉

 Time! Time! Time! We call to you Because we do not know how to hold onto you. To stop you. You keep moving forward  and fast in every second, then minutes, then hours. All In good fate. As we try to cherish the little we have of you on earth. The Little Smiles here andContinue reading “My Letter to Time. ✉”

My Letters to Leaders. ✉

Dear Leaders, The word Leader has a different meaning, to different people around the world in aspects of human Life. It is said that “Uneasy Lies the head that wears the Crown”. Yet, you help set the followers to the right path. You have strength based in humility and empathy, not to be biased, notContinue reading “My Letters to Leaders. ✉”

My Letter to Love. ✉

Dear Love, You are Just Four letters Yet so Powerful. They Say You are Just a feeling. You are much more than a feeling. You bring Kindness. You bring Trust. You bring Respect. You bring People together. You help make families. You help make friends. A word with four letters. Yet so Deep. So Simple,Continue reading “My Letter to Love. ✉”


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