My Letter to Love. ✉

Dear Love, You are Just Four letters Yet so Powerful. They Say You are Just a feeling. You are much more than a feeling. You bring Kindness. You bring Trust. You bring Respect. You bring People together. You help make families. You help make friends. A word with four letters. Yet so Deep. So Simple,Continue reading “My Letter to Love. ✉”

My Letter to Teachers. ✉

Dear Teachers, So, my husband and I called the school management and then called Mr. Greenville’s family the next day to give our condolences. His wake was scheduled. My family went to his wake to pay our last respect. I was there and I noticed a lot of people came to pay their last respect.Continue reading “My Letter to Teachers. ✉”

My Letter to Fathers. ✉

Dear Fathers, “WHAT!!!’  ‘REALLY!!!’ I was so furious to see where the sound was coming from. It was from my child’s father (my husband), who was snoring away on the child’s bed while the house was in disarray. I woke him up. He jumped up. His eyes were swollen and red. He was surprised atContinue reading “My Letter to Fathers. ✉”

My Letter to Mothers. ✉

Dear Mothers, ‘Oh My Gosh’, I screamed, The house was A MESS. From the door, leading to the Kitchen, Where plates and pots were piled, due to one Home Economics Project. And then, the Living Room (nothing to write home about) Where there was a trail of toys, spoons, pots used as drums, LOL TheContinue reading “My Letter to Mothers. ✉”

My Letter to Everyone. ✉

Dear Everyone, I was scared when I started this Journey. I starred at the steering wheel, then the road and the cars that passed by. I FROZE. ‘What was I thinking?’ I thought to myself. ‘Driving’? I shouted. I closed my eyes, opened them and looked up at the sky, starring at nothing in particular.Continue reading “My Letter to Everyone. ✉”

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