My Letter to You On Sex.✉️

Benefits of Sex

How are you doing?  

Sex is an intimate act done by consenting adults.

 It is an act that is meant to be Stable, Unified, and Pure.

 It should not have any other name other than LOVEMAKING.

 Sex can have Several Benefits:

  •  It is also a form of exercise.  It can increase your heart rate. This is not necessarily a complete exercise, 

but it may be as beneficial to you as moderate exercise.

  •  I have a headache. “It turns out that sex can help relieve pain, including certain types of headaches, such as migraines.
  •  When presented with hard activities such as public speaking, people who have more sex are less worried. 

(Masturbation does not count; it only works if you have a partner.)

  • Sex has been connected to the formation of new brain cells, which is a positive development and a significant difference which is great for Mental health
  •  Committed couples don’t have to do it every week; once a week should be plenty. If you go over that, the effect starts to dissipate, so if you’re trying to reach your quota by picking up strangers at your neighborhood bar, you’re out of luck.
  •  During sex, the hormone oxytocin is released, which makes you feel more intimate, affectionate, and close to your spouse. This contributes to the development of a solid, stable relationship, which is beneficial to both parties.

 So, sex should be a commitment between couples, partners, and should be Enjoyed. 

It needs to be passionate and Pure between couples.


 Until next time. Stay Calm

 “Sensuality opens you up to realms of ecstasy that your sexuality can’t even begin to comprehend.”Lebo Grand

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