My Letter to You on Reconciliation. ✉

Reconciliation and Healing.

How is it possible that anyone would truly imagine that genuine reconciliation could stay away from an appropriate encounter?

Stepping up to the plate is basic in reconciliation. Re-establishing a broken relationship resembles healing a broken leg. Let us say your leg is broken you step up to the plate and get to a specialist so he can put a cast on it, so recuperating can happen.

Broken connections, like broken legs, are never mended coincidentally. They require deliberate and purposeful activity.

We may attempt to deny the torment or overlook the split. We may believe that time restores all injuries, yet it just moves the pain underneath the surface, where it will impact future association.

The approach to the reconciliation process is not a cakewalk. It will frequently be chaotic. Hearts have been solidified. Sentiments have been harmed. Feelings are nervous. Wounds are expanding. The wrongdoer may search for an ulterior motive and you may feel that the guilty party is pretentious.

For you to recuperate and turn into a more sympathetic person, you need to accept your adversaries just as your companions. The equivalent is genuine all around you and the world over.

True reconciliation is based on Forgiveness.

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Uncovering the truth is important for you to mend, and for the others too. Mistakes, even unacknowledged mistakes, negatively affect the blameworthy. One day it will turn out in some way or another. You should be revolutionary. You should go to the root, eliminate what is putrefying, purify and sear, and afterward a fresh start is conceivable.

Genuine reconciliation uncovers the dreadfulness, the maltreatment, the agony, the hurt, reality. It could even now and then worsen the situation. It is an unsafe endeavor, yet in the end, it is beneficial, because, in the end, just a fair conflict with reality can bring genuine healing.

It requires a reasonable proportion of Modesty.

It is additionally something you need in your families and friendships. Only Rebuilding and Restoration can heal you and make you whole.

Furthermore, forgiveness empowers you to re-establish trust and empathy in your relationships. If harmony is our objective, there can be no future without clemency and forgiveness.

Until Next Time. Stay Calm.

“This thing I am feeling, I’m almost certain, is the closest I’ll ever come to standing somewhere in between truth and reconciliation.”
― Raquel Cepeda,

3 thoughts on “My Letter to You on Reconciliation. ✉

  1. A wonderful post, Tonie. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a colleague today about communication. When we know how we feel, and why we feel as we do, and can then communicate that in a healthy way to people we are in relationships with, most, if not all reconciliations are possible. Love the energy in this post, and the quote at the end is awesome. Well done. 😊

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