My Letter to You On First Impressions. ✉

Did you realize that first impressions are shaped in SEVEN SECONDS? In seven seconds, you

impart a lot of messages about your Character, Affability, Authority, Friendliness, Monetary


The First Impression portrays an outward projection of your character, your mentalities, your

qualities, and your uniqueness.

So, the initial feeling really mirrors the genuine you.

Ask yourself the message that you are conveying through your appearance.

Ask yourself what non-verbal communication message you are conveying.

Is it safe to say that you are not cordial? Cordial?  Is it accurate to say that you are formal? Less


These are essential components about making incredible First Impression:

The ABC of Portraying First Impressions-

The Appearance –

Looking great is not Self Significant. It is Self-Regard. Clothes do make an impact.

With a comforting smile, Great body posture, and a confident handshake. A great body posture

and a decent confident handshake can be the most grounded factor. A strong handshake is

thought and seen as more Confident.

The Behavior-

Demeanor matters a great deal when Giving a First Impression. Non-verbal communication

matters. It expresses stronger than words. Along these lines, it is significant for you to show


Stay away from your apprehensive propensities (Nervous Behavior). We get apprehensive

meeting somebody interesting, yet keep away from it, like contacting your face or gnawing nails

or messing with your hair or with your phone. Be confident and this would assist you with

making a decent impression.

Great habits and being courteous to somebody certainly make a difference. It assists you with

making an exceptionally sure impression.

The Communication

The New People you meet certainly merit 100% of your attention. Be considerate, be delicate.

You do not need to sound inconsiderate and ensure that you let them realize that you are

listening to them.

You can discuss Current Issues. You can discuss Music. You can discuss new Movies.

Ensure that whatever point you talk about, that you listen to what the other individual needs to

say when speaking.

Always recall this: You do not have another opportunity to make the First Impression.

Until Next Time. Stay Calm.

“First Impression is Unfair because the First Impression of Someone is Guarded, and you do not know the Person.” – Frank Oz

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