My Letter to those With Low Self Esteem. ✉

Dear Everyone,

How are you doing today?

The question is why do you need Esteem?

Self-Esteem is how you value and feel

about yourself.

Now, Low self esteem comes in when

you have a mental conflict about who you

really are.

It is all  about the Good and Bad feelings

and energy that affect your vision of who

you are and what you can do but it’s not

always easy to figure out who you are.

A lot of people suffer from it. I mean a lot.

It is a big problem.

It is where you cannot handle your

thoughts and your emotions.

You feel confused about who you really

are and that confusion brings more


If you feel confused about yourself,

 you are leaning towards self-criticism.

But you have thousands of reasons to

feel good about yourself.

The best way and the Only way is to

know and find a way to handle your

thoughts and your emotions.

You don’t have to cripple yourself.

You don’t have to cripple your thought

and emotions.

Don’t let Positivity to slip at the back

of your mind and don’t take Positivity for


Don’t look back in time instead, Look to

the future on how to achieve every goal

you have written down.

Have enough faith to build yourself and

remove the Negativity in your mind.

You can improve on your sense of pride

to accomplish your dreams.

Also, you should have a consistent

source of motivation that will help you in

every step of the way and climbing

the ladder to succeed in your endeavors.

Having Genuine Confidence in yourself is

not a day’s job.

Taking baby steps can go a long way to

help you with your Self Confidence and

Self Esteem.

Pick out some manageable but

challenging tasks and try to accomplish it.

Then you can start to feel a little

confidence, A little good about yourself

and have faith in yourself.

It all starts with your Positive Mind.

It is all in your mind.

Until Next Time, Stay Calm.

“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

Louise L. Hay

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