My Letter to Daughters. ✉️

Dear Daughters,

The very moment you came into this world and I held you in my arms.

It was like I won the lottery.

You came out safe and healthy. It is all a mother’s wish had to be.

Then, came feeding you.

I watched with all happiness and eagerness, your tiny little fingers, and feet.

Your soft Curly hair, your tiny voice when you cried, and I said to myself as I watched.

” What next?”😳😳.

Then, came reality. The after pains of childbirth, the fatigue, the sleepless nights.

OMGee. 🥱

But I saw your cute face and little arms and little feet. 🥰

Who could get tired of such cuteness while you sleep?

You began to grow.

In strength and in curiosity of what the world had in store for you.

When you got Sick,

It was like the world had fallen in my mind. Trust me Child, I was worried.

Remember, I would smile while I held you in my arms and tell you.

“Sweetheart, you are going to be Okay”.

You began to walk.

And the Creator knew I was holding my heart in my hand while I watched you like a Tigress

watching her Cub because

Once you have started anything as a baby,

The rest was history.

You always loved to follow and find the light while you started to walk when there was darkness.

Then I said to you

“Always follow the light my Dear Child”.

Then came going to school. 😬

The first day of school I cried, and I remembered saying to you

“Please Sweetheart, listen to your Teacher”.

I got mixed feelings. My Emotions were all over the place. I was Nervous and Excited for you.

And you did well.

I can still remember the little head strong arguments we had while you were a teenager.

I know you were trying to find your path into the world.

I am sorry I could not remove my Mom Google’s because you were still my Little one.

“OMGee”.  I thought to myself. I got a lot more scared but concerned and cared.

Whenever you were down, I encouraged you and I said,

“I will not always be there with you.

Situations will not always be rosy for you.

There will be hardship,

There will come a time when you would say I cannot go on,

There will be heartbreaks.

 But you:

“Keep Fighting. Do not Quit.

Be Strong, Be a Leader.

Be like the River that flows and cut through Rocks.

Never be Muscled. Be the Muscle that supports others.

Be Confident, be Calm and always be a Lady. 

Stand firm.

Use your words as your weapon.

Look ahead for tomorrow. Forward Ever.”

I saw you grow to become an Intelligent and Independent Woman.

I had to let go.😭.

Though, it would not be the same.

Your memories of your growth and development in so many areas of your life and many ways will always remain with me.

I know I was your guide in this somewhat chaotic world.

But I have lived my life. Now it is your turn to live yours Sweetheart.

Until next time, Stay Calm.

“A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.”

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