My Letter to Teachers. ✉

Dear Teachers,

So, my husband and I called the school management and then called Mr. Greenville’s family the next day to give our condolences.

His wake was scheduled.

My family went to his wake to pay our last respect.

I was there and I noticed a lot of people came to pay their last respect.

Some of them were students he taught a long time ago.

Some neighbors, Some friends, Some Colleagues.

Their speeches and tributes were so moving. Everyone was emotional.

Mr. Greenville really made a positive impact on this LITTLE BUT LARGE community.

May his Soul Rest in Peace.

Hello Teachers,

How are you doing?

Teachers mean a lot to everyone.

You impact knowledge into those that do not know.

You are a bridge between those that know and those that do not know.

Your presence in a classroom or anywhere you are, show that you need to be on a pedestal because YOU ARE THE UNSUNG HEROES IN A SOCIETY.

You stay with the students you teach at least 1,800 minutes a week. If not more than that. (GOSH, MY HEAD JUST SPUN).

You assist the students that need help in places they are lacking in some aspects of their lives.

You are a Paragon of the society and a brainwave for the students to go further and to dream bigger.

You help gifted students to achieve the standard they are capable of.

You make students responsible for their accomplishments and missteps.

No matter your status,

You help mold the students into responsible people of the society based on their designs, intentions, creativity, and path they would like to go.

You are resilient and I KNOW that being a teacher can be difficult. Let us look at the bright side on how you positively impact and instill knowledge into the leaders of tomorrow.

Please, keep on teaching.

Until next time. Stay Calm.

“Your job titles may be TEACHER but in reality you all are the ARCHITECT who is shaping humanity’s future.”

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