My Letter to those who have lost loved ones. ✉

Dear Everyone,

My husband and I looked at each other in AWE.

‘ Another teacher taught us today’ said my older child. With tears now in his eyes, my Older

child said, ‘Mr. Greenville passed away and the topic of INSPIRATION was what he had told us

to find and read about before the next class’.

We looked at him, shocked. Then, we said at the same time.

‘We are so sorry to hear that Honey.’

I pushed my chair backwards and I went toward my child and I hugged him. To give him that comfort that everything Is going to be alright.

I have noticed that Mr. Greenville always had one or two moral teachings for his students. My

child comes home some days and we discuss some of them.

I know Mr. Greenville had made a very good impact on my child. Not only my child but other children too.

He will be missed because he was a Good Teacher.

So, my husband and I called the school management and then called Mr. Greenville’s family the next day to give our condolences.

to be continued.

Story by Anonymous.

Hello Everyone,

How are you today?

To those who are reading this and have lost a loved one. Let me use this opportunity to say,


No matter the way you have lost someone dear to you, Be it,

  • By Accident
  • By Violence
  • By Sickness
  • Natural Causes

It hurts so bad. I know. You would feel depressed and feel that your world is over.

You will feel you would never,

  • See this person again.
  • Hear their voices.
  • Feel their hugs.
  • See them smile.

We all grieve in different ways.

It depends on how you grief.

Some, for a short while. Some, for a long time.

No one can really outrun grief.

But you know what? If only you have the courage, LIFE GOES ON.

All you have are their memories implanted in your hearts and your minds.

What you need is a time to heal and in a positive manner.

‘I KNOW’. Some of us will say that it is a fact that all of us will die someday.

But, before our time comes.

Why don’t you make memories with our loved ones while we have life.

Share good memories of lost loved ones with the living loved ones and see that you will feel better day by day.

Until next time. Stay Calm.

“We never truly get over a loss, but we can move forward and evolve from it.”—Elizabeth Berrien

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