My Letter to Fathers. ✉

Dear Fathers,

“WHAT!!!’  ‘REALLY!!!’

I was so furious to see where the sound was coming from.

It was from my child’s father (my husband), who was snoring away on the child’s bed while the house was in disarray.

I woke him up.

He jumped up. His eyes were swollen and red. He was surprised at himself for sleeping that way.

I saw the look in his eyes, he was disappointed at himself for such a behavior.

I said nothing. So, I gently laid my child on her bed and went out of the room.

He followed me and he said ‘ I am so sorry. I did not know when I dozed off like that.’

Deep down in me, I was angry at him but at the same time I was also sorry for him.

He also had a long day at work.

The whole stress of the outside world.

Who could blame him?

I went downstairs to the kitchen and made dinner.

Cleared and Cleaned the MESS. (SO TIRED).

As we ate quietly at the dinner table, My Older Child asked me,

‘ Mom, what does inspire mean?’

Then I answered,

‘A feeling that moves someone to act’.

I asked why he had asked the question.

What my Older child said made me feel Dizzy as my husband and I looked at each other in total AWE.

To be continued

Story by Anonymous

Hello Fathers,

How are you doing?

Where do I start from?

You are the little heroes in the smallest unit of the society (Family).

In the short story above, you will see how the Father tried to keep up in taking care of the home after a long day from work.

Tired, but he had to see that things were done 😂 but in a different way.

You will feel tired at times during the hard times,

defeated that your plans are not going as you had expected.

Thinking of ways, you can care for your main priority which is your family.

Some of you Fathers can commute from one state to another for work just to make ends meet.

Some are in the Army. Thank you for your service.

Some under the terrible weather (Hot, Cold, Rainy).

Some that have small businesses.

Maybe you have started a new business and it is not going the way you had anticipated.

The list goes on.

You have started a journey with a step.

So, keep climbing higher and higher.

Yes, I know.

The journey is hard, but you will get to where you want to go.

Even those that work too. Keep going. Do not relent.

During all this craziness, remember:

  • Go for your routine check-up at the clinic. Especially, those who fear needles. 🤣
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Talk to someone. This is the best time to talk with your Partner or Spouse and make time to spend time with your significant other. Even if the need be, talk to a therapist.
  • Have time for yourself.


With these, you can

  • Spend time with your children because,

You play an important function in the lives of your children,

  • Communally
  • Cognitively

You also play a very big role in the aspect of your child’s or children’s skill and in your child’s or children’s mental growth.

You provide for the necessities of life in your home.

You tend to encourage your children and lift their integrity of character.

You adore, understand and

reassure your Children.

You give to your families a sense of security and inculcates morale in the children which helps the society at large.

I hope this helps.

This is my Perspective. What is yours?

Until next time. Stay Calm.

“The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family”.

— Reed Markham

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