My Letter to Mothers. ✉

Dear Mothers,

‘Oh My Gosh’, I screamed,

The house was A MESS. From the door, leading to the Kitchen,

Where plates and pots were piled, due to one Home Economics Project. And then, the Living Room (nothing to write home about)

Where there was a trail of toys, spoons, pots used as drums, LOL

The list goes on.

Then, the stairs leading to the bedroom where someone (my child)

That I have been begging to take a nap, is napping. ON THE STAIRS!!!

‘Uggh! Where do I start from cleaning this mess?’, I asked myself.

I carried the sleeping child, her head resting on my shoulder.

Going up the stairs, I stepped on a Lego block which was painful as H…

I stopped, no one my pain. So, I laughed at myself and gave a very big sigh.

I kept going up the stairs with my child. Suddenly, I had a growling noise coming from my child’s bedroom.

As I approached the door slowly, I turned the knob.

‘WHAT!!! REALLY!!!’…

 To be continued

Story by Anonymous

Hello Mothers,

How are you?

I am a Mother. That is why I asked first how you are doing?

I know the Challenges you go through every day.

  • Working Moms
  • Pregnant Moms
  • Single Moms
  • Married Moms
  • Sick Moms.
  • the list goes on

And you keep thinking,

  • ‘How am I going to have time for my children?’
  • ‘How are my going to take care of my family?’
  • ‘How am I going to take care of my relationship with my partner to spice thing up?’
  • ‘How am I going to get the house cleaned?’
  • ‘How are my going to work on my depression?’
  • ‘How am I going to take care of my myself Mentally, Physically, Spiritually?’
  • How am I going to make it in the store with the kids? (this one makes me laugh hard)
  • How am I going to survive these hard times?
  • What is my family going to have for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner?

The list goes on.


As days go by, you realize that you have survived each day and you are still going strong.

Always stay focused.

Have a Plan every day:

On the way to be with your Children and their Education and their what they go through Personally and Socially. During Dinner or time for bed.

Have time with your partner or Spouse:

Sometimes, it releases the stress of your Everyday routine.

Lastly, have time for yourself:

This is the Most important routine that should be done. Having time before going to bed (at least One hour).

Going to the Salon alone.

Taking a walk alone.

All these help with your Mental wellbeing.


It is difficult to have the Patience and the Strength to go on.

But your inner strength is bigger than you think.

Find it and discover that you are more than you think.

Let me share this article with you.

I found it and I said it will be helpful to you.

1. You Cannot Finish All the House Chores in One Day. Those Who Did Are Stress Sick, and Some Are Buried Already.

2. Please Create Time to Rest, It Is Not A Sin to Sit Down, Put Up Your Legs on The Table and Pick Popcorn While Watching TV.

3. Please Sleep If Need Be. That Headache Will Go. Those Who Refuse to Take Vacation, Or Leave, Or Time Out or Rest Time, Their Families Are Missing Them Because They Have Gone Untimely to Their Maker.

4. Stop Taking Sedatives to Sleep, You Are Destroying Your Brain and Organs. At A Point You Will Begin to Forget Things. Relax the Brain, Worry Less, Think Less, Laugh More, And Smile More. Everything Will Pass with Time.

5. Sometimes Go and Sit Outside Quietly on Your Own, Do Nothing Say Nothing, Just Admire Gods Handiwork, Breath in Fresh Air Calmly. Hurry Not.

6. Stand by Your Mirror Smile to Yourself, Laugh, Dance, Sing That Turns on Positive Aura Around You So You Can Glow.

7. Go Buy Yourself A Snack or Two or Drink Non-Alcoholic Wine If You Choose to Do So. Just Do Something for Yourself Even If Hubby Does That for You So You Off Load The Things in Your Head.

8. Get Necessary Home Gadgets to Ease Your Work in Order to Avoid Stress. Stress Is the Highest Silent Killer of Women.

9. If You Are Not Feeling Well Say It, Do Something About It, Go to Health Center, Hospital or Call A Nearby Nurse, Do Not Sit Around Waiting for Hubby to Buy Drugs. He May Come Back Late, Your Life Matters.

10. Check Your Blood Pressure and Sugar Level Occasionally.

 I hope this helps.

Write a comment below on how you manage your stress.

Until next time, Stay Calm.

“Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled, they are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.”

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